Products you need for a Successful Wedding

Every wedding is unique in some way. They are even better when they are well planned. Selecting the right wedding vendors will start your wedding planning on the right path. The best wedding vendors will give you advice on the products you need to make your wedding a success.

As a wedding stationery store, Logie Paperie Shop is dedicated to providing quality wedding paper goods and stationery such as laser cut invitation belly bands, wedding menu cards, and wedding seating charts as well as professional advice to couples. In this article, we shall focus on some important products for having a successful wedding.

  1. Wedding Invitations

No matter how simple or extravagant you might want your wedding to be, you need your family and friends to be in attendance to share in your joy. It is customary and important to send out invitation cards. Wedding invitations these days are varied in design, shape and price. One of the most popular trend are Laser Cut Wedding Invitations. While these are quite pricey and may not fit into a savvy bride’s budget, there are other alternatives to achieving the elegance and style of the laser cut look.

A simple minimalist invitation can step it up a notch by adding laser cut invitation belly bands. Invitation Belly Bands are used to keep your invitation enclosure cards together in the envelope. Laser cut invitation bands, just as the name implies are made using Laser technology to cut paper. This method of creating laser cut invitation bands offers you the option of having great precision cuts without any form of paper burn marks for clear and crisp patterns each and every time. Laser cut invitation belly bands come in different designs ranging from simple to the most elaborate intricate cuts. There are lots of color options to match your wedding invitations.

Invitation Belly Band

  1. Menu Cards

Menu Cards are also an important product to be used at a wedding reception. Planning and Selecting the type of food to be served at the wedding reception can be daunting. One have to be cognizant of important factors such as individual differences in taste, social status, and preference. Your wedding menu can be displayed using our wedding menu cards, to assist the guests to selecting their meal choice. Our wedding menu cards are easy to use and also provided at an affordable rate. Wedding Menu Cards are available in many shape and sizes as well. Round Menu Cards can be placed in a charger plate at the table setting. Napkin Wrap Menu, as the name implies, are wrapped around the dinner napkin and placed on the dinner plate or Charger Plate.



  1. Guest Seating Seating Chart

“There is no way I can put Uncle Gerald at the same table as Mrs. Tucker” says every bride ever! Organizing your wedding seating plan is a must for almost every wedding. Most couple prefer their immediate family and relatives closer to the head or sweetheart table at the reception. Having a seating chart displayed at the reception entrance allows your guest to find their seats and ensures seating is organized the way you want for your special day. With our wedding seating chart, you can easily control the level and engagement of your guests.

Logie Paperie Shop provides all the necessary stationery for before, the day of and after the wedding supplies. All our wedding stationery have been meticulously handpicked to make your wedding beautiful and successful. Kindly send us a message if you need information about our products and services.

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